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Beijing Magic Tour World Technology Co., Ltd. was officially created in 2015, the company registered capital of 1 million yuan, is engaged in an Internet and mobile communications network interactive entertainment products (online games, web games, mobile games, etc.) Operation, sales, research and development and investment in high-tech service enterprises.
The company's existing staff of nearly 50 people, the management team with more than 6 years of large-scale online game operation and development experience, its core members have independently developed and operated a variety of online game products, game planning, art design, With the leading domestic level. Its operating team has more than 9 years of online game agent operating operations in the game marketing, operational planning, user development, and so has a wealth of resources and experience.

1, our company has ahead of the Internet and game products distribution capabilities.
2, magic tour of the world's technology is to reproduce the glory of the beginning of the game industry, so that more players into the game, and stay in the game. Rather than the industry now appears to earn a player's money will leave. In the player as the main core, improve the online service as a supplement to create a pure game environment.
3, vision: the company is committed to the formation of a complete game industry chain, in the production of high-quality games on the basis of better operations, more dedicated to the promotion of boutique games abroad, better carry forward their national culture.
4, the composition of personnel:
Magic travel world science and technology positioning in the Internet entertainment content of the professional development and distribution, and always with customers and partners to maintain good interaction and close cooperation and innovative products to win the favor of domestic and foreign manufacturers, relying on the industry in the smooth flow of partners Channel, providing a comprehensive wireless entertainment solution.
Magic World Technology has a number of management, marketing and IT R & D industry expertise in the staff. The company mainly engaged in the mode of product development and project cooperation; each branch by the R & D, product development, operation, marketing, strategic development, administrative personnel and financial six departments. The staff structure is inverted triangle, the current total of about 50 employees, of which 60% of technical staff, market and service staff accounted for 30%, 10% of other staff to respond quickly to customer needs and maintain the leading edge technology. Magic world technology is committed to creating "elite team culture." In the sense of responsibility, professional standards, innovation, continuous learning ability, self-motivation, team spirit and other six aspects of the industry elite standards, but also our every employee's goal.
Boycott bad games, refuse pirated games, pay attention to self-protection, beware of being deceived, moderate game benefits brain, addicted to the game body injury, reasonable arrangements for time to enjoy a healthy life
Beijing Mo You World Technology Co., Ltd. | Dongcheng District, Beijing trendy alley 20 | 010-67019181
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