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2018六开彩开奖结果:Hand tour operations specialist

Job Responsibilities:
1) responsible for the daily operation of mobile games;
2) tracking operational data, accurate analysis of data results to improve operational strategy;
3) members of the collaborative group to improve the game billing, operation and promotion work;
4) the product operation, a variety of situations can be timely response and processing;
5) combined with the characteristics of the company and customer needs, in-depth mining user needs, improve service quality;
6) Responsible for cross-sectoral communication and coordination, to promote the progress of the project, the game operating performance indicators.
Work requirements:
1) Bachelor degree or above, major in professional, 1 year working experience in mobile game operation
2) opponents tour has in-depth understanding and unique insights, understand the industry development trends, trends, a deep understanding of user needs;
3) with good data collection and analysis capabilities, in time to optimize the game operating strategy;
4) with excellent communication and writing skills, a high degree of execution, to independent thinking and solve the problem;

Hand tour market specialist

Job Responsibilities:
1, responsible for promoting mobile games (Apple / Andrews)
2, responsible for the communication channel communication coordination
3, advertising tracking
4, responsible for promotional activities and tracking
5, the news, the activities of writing a written description of the qualifications:
1, with more than 1 year experience in mobile games, familiar with how to promote mobile games
2, familiar with the game starting storage process, resource channels priority
3, good communication skills, team spirit and sense of service
4, familiar with mobile phone players preferred
5, with mobile media resources and contacts are preferred

Hand tour business commissioner

Job description: 
1, familiar with the introduction of the new mobile phone game and the release process; responsible for the various channels to open up and maintenance, the establishment of long-term cooperative relations;
2, responsible for the business negotiations, review the terms of the contract, the organization drafting cooperation agreement;
3, responsible for the joint operation of the product cooperation, operational support, it is recommended to collect feedback;
4, responsible for the tracking of market information to collect, analyze and regularly report the industry situation, analyze the industry market trends, explore new business model;
5, to monitor the rapid and accurate implementation of the rules of cooperation, feedback, and according to the daily operation of the actual situation of the cooperation rules to provide supplementary and revised recommendations;

job requirements: 
1. College degree or above, there are game business experience, with Internet or game work experience is preferred;
2. Familiar with the Internet and the game industry, the specific circumstances of cooperation, with a certain regional or platform network resources;
3. Have good business negotiation and communication skills, and have a strong interpersonal skills;
4. Requires a profound market analysis capabilities, familiar with the status quo and development of mobile gaming market;
5. Image quality is preferred.
6. Excellent undergraduate graduates can also be

Hand travel service specialist

Job Responsibilities:
Job Description:
1. through the text, according to the rules of the game to deal with player violations and illegal representations;
2. Coordinate the various departments feedback processing results and communicate with the players;
3. Can promptly find the player's needs and comments, and record the report;
4. Through the various service channels for the player's questions can be calm, rational, polite to deal with the solution;
5. seriously responsible for the interests of players to consider;
Conditions of service:
1. College education, familiar with Office software, there is a certain basis for computer and network operations;
2. There are online game customer service and forum management related work experience is preferred;
3. Have a strong sense of service and sense of responsibility, have a good language skills and communication skills, quick thinking, good at answering a variety of customer questions;
4. Have a certain degree of text expression and data analysis capabilities, good at collecting, sorting documents;
5. Has a high sense of responsibility, sense of belonging and team awareness, practical and stable, thirst for knowledge;
6. With a calm attitude and good resistance to pressure;
7. Comprehension ability, can be very good with the higher level to complete the specified work content;
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