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Interview with the three countries hand tour producer: do not rely on large IP, the game content is the real hard power

飞鱼彩票网上购买 www.9grjl.com.cn By the magic of the world agent issued by the global mmoarpg action tour "asked the Three Kingdoms" in the recent official landing Apple app, which does not spend money to play the game can also play the game play has become the focus of attention of players and the industry. Today, we interviewed the "Three Kingdoms" project leader Lu Tao, and "the whole economic system" to discuss the theme.

Q1: domestic hand market competition is fierce, last year's mmorpg market is not ideal, why you also hesitate to insist on doing such games.
A: MMORPG has always been one of the important games of online games, the same competition in this market is also very fierce. But my company is good at this area, we have a sound team and a wealth of experience in this area, in this area we are not afraid to compete with other companies on the same stage, and the game is an art that can make fun games in fact Not necessarily need the manufacturers to do, as long as the intentions of the input, persistent pursuit, the game can do fine, so fun.
Q2: As far as I know the three countries are not ip, and now there is no IP you rely on what to win, so you can briefly introduce the "three countries" core competitiveness and game characteristics?
A: Yes, from last year, the industry is blowing a burst of IP stream whirlwind, as if there is a good IP is a good game. But in fact, IP is icing on the cake, the game itself is the gameplay and richness is the core competitiveness of the game itself, from last year, some IP fire, and some IP die, and the game content is the real hard power The
Q3: Can you explain what the whole economy is, do not spend money to play the game?
A: The three countries in the economic system of the major currencies, gold coins and ingots are can be traded and circulation, rather than many of the current restrictions on the circulation of the game, self-sufficient economic system. But also because of the flow of our economic design is also very challenging, how can effectively maintain the flow of the market economy at the same time need to control inflation, did spend a lot of time to design the economic cycle system. In this system, if there are gold coins can also be obtained through the trading system ingot, gold coins can also be directly involved in market transactions, and almost all of the mall items can be burst or through a variety of games to obtain the tokens to buy, our internal test There is a group is not spent any ingot, they are also the best group of tests.
Q4: What are the characteristics of your game?
A: The three countries are our second product, we have R & D and operation of the basis of blood crisis, and on this basis to do the procedures, planning, and the reconstruction of art. To the core of the war camps to refactor the game world, and the use of realistic Q version of the style to show the game world. Do a real non-RMB players can also smooth experience and participate in the game. To the country as a camp center task system, allows players to easily get experience, mall props, and can receive the corresponding monthly RMB national wages.
Q5: You are your "war three countries" is defined as a heavy game, will the audience crowd are professional players, small white players to play high difficulty?
A: Qiao three countries is a heavy experience game, this heavy experience refers to the PK experience, of course, like all MMORPG, players will be invested in this game relative to the casual game more time. But the war is a three country is a mobile phone game, we in the production process to implement the concept of light operation, so the difficulty of starting in similar products are no obstacles, any new contact MMORPG hand tour players can quickly get started.
Q6: What is the current status of the three countries? What are the characteristics of each job? Follow-up will introduce what new career
A: The three countries designed to draw from the Three Kingdoms in the classic career, soldiers: such as Guan Yu, Zhao Yun, Zhang, Code Wei, etc .; Taoist: such as Kyrgyzstan, Zuo Ci, Zhuge Liang and so on. Archers: such as Huang Zhong, Taishi Ci, Ma Zhong and so on. Warrior continued thick blood thick design is the soul of the team, Taoist design is the regiment killer, a large area of the main output of the killer, archers are point kill master, not only can add their own attack and high crit skills, but the blood slightly Was weak, need to cooperate with his teammates to keep the output. We are the followers of the counselor is the job, the job will be designed as a team nurse, so that the team in the team battle has a stronger endurance.
Q7: What do you think of the future direction of MMORPG game development?
A: I think MMORPG mobile games to re-experience, light operation, large server, borderless cross-service combat direction. The server will not be an obstacle to blocking the player from interacting, and the developer must find ways to get all the players involved in the game to have the opportunity to interact directly. The next version of the three countries will open the cross-service war, so stay tuned ah.
If you like MMORPG, like the three countries, then it is recommended that you download the "war of three" this game.

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